Annual Choir Appeal, 2016              

choir 2‘Twas in the moon of wintertime when Choir did resume
We looked at one another and realised very soon
There simply were too few of us singing in that room!

We sing not just the major feasts, we sing each weekend – twice!
And lots more voices, every age and kind would be so very nice.
We are one Parish choir, we practice altogether.
But it’s hard to cut yourselves in two when there are only 5 of you.

So we could use some augmentation from members of each congregation.
Our small and dedicated crew can offer much for you to hear,
More voices singing strong and true can keep us singing all the year.

It is flexibility we seek ’cause no one can be there EACH week.
A welcome will await you, some fun and friendship, too.
There may be something you can learn and things to teach us too.

It’s a joy to sing in church and to practice hymns together
And it is true, you may agree more voices make great harmony
We need YOU if we are to be the lead for singing the liturgy.

(Choir Practice is on alternate Wednesday afternoons at 3.30…any changes to this time will be given in the Bulletin and Parish Diary)