12th Sunday of the Year (A) 2017

In today’s Gospel reading Jesus of Nazareth tells his Apostles that they are to proclaim his message openly and completely. The instructions he gave them privately as his closest group and the explanations he gave them on many occasions are not just for them but to be proclaimed to the whole world – ‘what you hear whispered, proclaim on the housetops.’

They must not be afraid. Even if you are threatened with torture and even death because you are Christians – fear not. God, whom you serve, is more powerful that any and all who threaten you.

Trust in your God at all times and in all situations, for your total wellbeing is your God’s main concern. After all the sparrows are counted and cared for as are the hairs on your head (few or many as they may be!). I must not try to conceal my belief in God or what I believe to be right and wrong, especially in a world that ridicules morality and belief in God.