33rd Sunday of the Year (A) 2017

Last Sunday, today and next Sunday the theme is the same; Do not slacken off or grow weary, keep up the good work realising that whatever I do as regards my fellow human beings, be it good or bad, I do to my God.

The above is the message as we come to the end of the liturgical year (the churches year).

The threat of punishment from our God for non compliance, at the end of these three gospel readings is not the message.

The message is, do not grow weary or get disheartened but be alert and prepared and live our lives in faith, hope and total trust in our God no matter what.

To use our God given talents to the best of our ability for our own good and the welfare of others.

To constantly reming myself that, how I treat other human beings (and other creatures) is how I treat my God.

The threats of punishment at the end of each reading are human editorial inserts and not from our God or else need a deeper understanding and interpretation of scripture than we have today.

This is obviously so because we know that our God wants our response to him to be freely given – to be one of sincere love, gratitude and respect. This is impossible if there is a threat of punishment involved for non compliance.

This becomes even more obvious if you take your own case. How satisfied and happy would you be if you had to keep your children and grandchildren in order by threats of punishment or exclusion from your will? Surely the threat involved would at least damage if not destroy any hope of genuine love and gratitude.

God is no fool and would not queer the pitch for himself even before the game starts.