3rd Sunday of Easter (B) 2018

“Then he opened their minds to understand the scriptures.
And he said to them. Thus it is written that the Messiah would suffer and rise from the dead on the third day and that repentance, for the forgiveness of sins, would be preached in his name to all the nations, beginning from Jerusalem. You are witnesses of these things.”
Our capacity for self – deception is bottomless.
I can assiduously comply with all the external demands of religion; Attend church, contribute money, receive Sacraments, pray, help those in need from time to time, give of my time and energy etc. and at the same time avoid forgiving actual or perceived hurts.
I can happily cherish vengeful inclinations in my heart and expect forgiveness for my own trespasses.
I can run to my God for mercy and forgiveness while planning the downfall of my perceived enemies.
My God must be very tolerant, have a very highly developed sense of humour, when He doesn’t respond to my oft repeated prayer “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us,” with a nearby lightening strike !!!
Let us sit for a few minutes and ponder what “repentance, for the forgiveness of sins” means.