5th Sunday of the Year (A) 2017

Today we continue with our talks on the Mass. The purpose of the readings and the homily is to strengthen our sense of gratitude and our desire to express our thanks and praise to our God; which was our reason for attending Mass in the first place. In theory the readings from the Bible illustrate the theme of this particular Mass which is expressed in the collect or opening prayer which immediately precedes the readings. This link between today’s opening prayer and the readings is fairly evident. Often it is not. The link is always there but too often it is only evident to the student of Liturgy and the Scripture scholar. This link and theme is supposed to be brought forth and explained in the homily but very often it would require about a half hour or more to do this adequately. It also presumes a lot of Biblical and liturgical knowledge which one rarely encounters. Since this link is so often obscure, we, the celebrating family of God, will often have to strengthen our sense of gratitude to our God by recalling privately the good things God has done for me – bringing me into existence, calling me out of darkness into his own wonderful light, giving me the free gift of faith, granting me resurrection from death and a sharing in God’s own eternal life. Then, to formalise this recalling of God’s many gifts, we recite, all together, the profession of our faith – the Creed. Here ends the first part of the Mass – the preparation for Mass. So what I have said so far is to explain the thinking behind the first part of the mass and how I and you should try to make it our own, so that we can proceed to the second part of the Mass with the right disposition and outlook – which is a overwhelming desire to give thanks to God, our Father, Creator and Saviour.