Corsham Town Carols

A request has been made for volunteers from St Patrick’s to help with this year’s Christian Churches Town Carol Service. Help is needed for stewarding, collection and distribution of mince pies.

If you are able and willing to help, please add your name and contact details to the list on the  notice board.

Traidcraft Sales

Sales last weekend were £125; thanks to all for your continued support.

Christmas cards and Advent calendars are now available each week in the Lady Chapel.

The next Traidcraft sale will be on the weekend of 2/3 December.

Parish Projects

The totals sent to our Parish Projects to date is: £2015 (Medecins sans Frontieres) and £1427.50 (Borderlands). Thank you!

Fundraising will continue until 31 December, when we will need to decide on 2 new projects. Please let a member of the PCC know of any ideas, with as much detail as possible so that a decision can be made.

Parish Email unavailable (3-6 November)

Due to the changes in the Diocesan email service the parish emails will not be available from Friday, 3 November to Monday, 6 November.  No emails will be received during this time but will be delivered once the service is resumed.  Any urgent messages during this time should be passed by phone.

The parish email addresses provided by the Diocese have been changed and are now:

The new Parish email address should be used with immediate effect.  Please change or delete any stored addresses on your computer.  Emails sent to the old address will be forwarded for a transition period.