Traidcraft Sales

Sales last weekend amounted to £92.50.

Many thanks to all who supported our efforts to help the developing countries, and especially to those who bought items for the Food Bank.

The next sales will be on the weekend of 1st/2nd August

General Election

The Bishops of England and Wales are encouraging all catholics to play an active part in the General Election.

While voting for any particular party is a matter of conscience, the bishops encourage people to use their vote at this pivotal time for our nations, as we prepare to leave the EU.

When using their vote, people are encouraged to consider where their candidate and party stands on issues including refugees and asylum seekers, leaving the EU, protecting life, religious freedom and prison reform

Additional information is available at the church entrances.

Traidcraft Sales

Sales last week totalled £141.50. Many thanks to all who helped and who bought, supporting our efforts to help developing countries.

To those who are unaware of products available, please take a look at the next sale on the weekend of 3rd/4th June

Books! Books! Books!

Due to the generosity of a parishioner, the selection of religious books for children in the Lady Chapel and upstairs has been renewed and expanded. You are welcome to use these books with your children.