“Singing is good for the soul”

“Singing is good for the soul”, they say, so why not give it a try!

We are appealing for new members to join the Parish Choir (especially parishioners who usually attend Mass on Saturday evening).  This will enable us to enrich both weekend liturgies and services at special feasts.

Should you be someone who says:”But I can’t sing” remember that together we can make a lovely sound, all we need is a willingness to take part and enthusiasm

With Christmas on the horizon, the Choir are turning their thoughts to music for the  festive season, so now is an exellent time to join us.

The Choir practices every 2 weeks, (more frequently before Christmas and Easter).  The next practice is on Wednesday 18th October at 3.30pm. We look forward to welcoming you to our small group.


Parish Rotas

New rotas are being prepared for January.

For those not already on a rota, (and those able to volunteer for more), there is always room for extra help with keeping the Parish working…..hoovering, flower arranging, laundering altar linen, counting collections, hospitality after Sunday Masses, Children’s Liturgy, reading, helping with our online presence and the production of the Weekly Bulletin.

We should all be mindful of opportunities to volunteer, which we know is at the heart of Christian service and engagement with our Parish.

Please hand any amendments or new contact details to Lorraine Miller or leave a note marked for her attention in the Vesting Sacristy.

“Magnum Principium”

Pope Francis has issued a new apostolic letter “Magnum Principium” which reforms canon law for the mechanisms for preparing and approving new translations of the liturgy.

From now on, the Holy See will not be playing any active role in the drafting or amending of new translations of the liturgy. In future, episcopal conferences will have responsibility for the whole process, the Congregation for Divine Worship will merely give a final confirmation once the local bishops have voted.

In practical terms, it seems that all future translations of the liturgy will be carried out by local bishops’ conferences, who alone will be responsible for the “faithfulness” of the translation; the necessary approval of the Holy See will be an act of simple ratification and not provide an opportunity for specific changes or improvements.

This would seem to leave the way clear for reverting to previous translations, or adopting the liturgical translations which were originally submitted to Rome by the Bishops and then discarded.

Parishioners are invited to email/write to Bishop Declan indicating their support, and which option they would prefer.

There’s A Mary Berry in all of us!

Volunteers are requested to bake/make for the Parish Harvest Supper.

This is a fundraising event for our Parish Projects (MSF and Borderlands) and all help will be gratefully received.

Please sign up on the lists on the noticeboard if you can bring anything – savoury or sweet!

Further details from Jane Wragg.

Mass for Deceased Parishioners

The first Annual Mass for deceased members of our Parish will take place in the Church on All Souls Day, 2 November, at 7.30pm.

It is planned to read out all their names and light a candle for each one. A list has been placed in the Lady Chapel and all are invited to add names/famlies

Cream Tea

The Cream Tea held to raise funds for the Leonard Cheshire Home in Zambia raised £768.50 – a wonderful result.

Many thanks to all who helped to make this event such a huge success