Trinity Sunday (A) 2017

God so loved the world that he gave his only Son.’

‘God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through him.’

God loves the world.

What does that mean?

God loves the stars. God loves the galaxies, the nebula, the black holes. God loves the clouds, the rain, the sunshine, the snow the wind, the volcanoes and earth quakes. God loves the insects, the bacteria, the reptiles and the mammals, including human beings.

God created them as they are and loves them as they are. This degree of love is beyond  my comprehension.

God’s plan is the salvation of the world, be it astronomical singularities or great crested newts.

What does Salvation mean?

Salvation is the progression, over time, of primordial matter, by means of the Divinely installed evolutionary process,  into self-awareness and an understanding of the Creator. Culminating in eventual union with the life and being of the Creator.

Why do we believe this?

We believe this because Jesus of Nazareth, who claimed to be God made man (the Creator) progressed from an initial one cell entity in his mothers womb through the various stages of the evolutionary process (again in his mothers womb) to be born as a human being. Growing in wisdom and understanding like the rest of humanity he accepted the trauma of death and burial but rose from the dead with a glorified body to rejoin the Holy Trinity from whom he originally progressed.

There were many witnesses to this, some of whom left us their witness in writing (the New Testament) and most of whom accepted death rather than deny what they had witnessed.

Today we celebrate the mystery of the Holy Trinity.

The Holy Trinity are the tree separate persons who make up the One God.

Love (which we mentioned above) is the bond uniting the Tree Persons of the Trinity.

True, genuine love is never inwardly focused. It is always outwardly focused. So the love of the Holy Trinity must be outwardly focused. Since, from the beginning, nothing existed but God the Holy Trinity was compelled to create other things so that their love could accomplish its compulsion to move or focus outwards.

So the reason for creation is God’s  love which of its very nature must encompass other things.

For the same reason we can say that nothing that God has created, or will create, will ever be discarded and cease to exist. All creation in some way must be gathered up into the life and being of the Creator – the Holy Trinity.

As St. Paul says in Rom: 8 ;

‘We know that the whole creation has been groaning in labor pains until now; and not only the creation, but we ourselves, who have the first fruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly while we wait for adoption, the redemption of our bodies.’

What is our place in all this?

We are the only creatures on Earth (maybe in the whole universe) who can know and appreciate all of the above. We are the only ones who can consciously and overtly proclaim the greatness of the Creator  and express our gratitude for existence and salvation. We are the focused voice of creation, able to proclaim gratitude and praise on behalf of all creation.

So let us lift up our hearts and give thanks to the Lord our God!