19th Sunday of the Year (C) 2019

Today’s readings are about the journey of life and the best way to live it.
Through what we call faith we know where we are going.
Through what we call hope we look forward to journey’s end with confidence.
Through what we call charity (that is mutual respect, mutual forgiveness, mutual tolerance, mutual support) we know how to live, how to journey together.
This whole edifice of my life is based solidly on the tripod of the Holy Trinity – God. Belief in God – the Creator – is essential to support this edifice.
This belief in the existence of God cannot be proved and demonstrated beyond doubt by any physical proof or verbal arguments.
Neither can the existence of God be disproved or demonstrated beyond doubt by any physical proof or verbal arguments.
Our church teaches us that this faith (belief in the existence of God and trust in God’s promises) is a gift from God. Obviously not everyone receives this gift. Why this is so is God’s secret. Just as it is God’s secret why some are born with brilliant minds and some are born mentally impaired.
This is so irrespective of what sort of a person you are.
But all human beings are created in God’s image and likeness. This means that no matter what our stance is vis a vis the existence of God, the law of God is imprinted in our very being. The vast majority of human beings follow this imprinting of God’s law most of the time. It is obviously the only way to live in peace and harmony. Some ignore this imprinting because of upbringing and environmental factors or because of many free contrary choices over a period of time.
For me the most obvious way to live is by following the law of God which is part of my very being and nature. (Does not a child, at a very early age, know or sense or understand the difference between what is right and what is wrong). To me the most pleasant way to live, the happiest way to live, the most fulfilling way to live is the way of mutual respect, tolerance, forgiveness and support; ie the law of God
This being so, we know how we should conduct our lives and affairs irrespective of belief in the existence or non – existence of God.

Belief in the existence of God is the icing on the cake.
Trust and confidence in the promises of God is the honey on the toast.