22nd Sunday of the Year (C) 2019

Today’s Gospel reading illustrates nicely the catechetical skills of the catechist Luke. He illustrates two very important aspects of the teaching of Jesus of Nazareth by telling two very memorable stories. ( Whether these events actually happened or not is irrelevant. We search for the massage they contain).
The first tells me of the importance of humility (or truth). In ordinary human relation. Even if you are not particularly humble, it is very bad policy to always push yourself forward, to always grab the best seat. Sooner or later you will find yourself publicly demoted or put down, to your acute embarrassment and to the delight of the onlookers.
If acting outwardly humble in everyday social life is so important, how much more so is internal humility in our spiritual life.
God is repelled by the proud of heart and mind. God embraces the humble of heart and mind.
The second story does not castigate me for enjoying a party with my neighbours and friends. We read in the Gospels how Jesus attended and enjoyed many parties with his followers and friends and even with those who wished him harm like the Pharisees.
The message of this second story is that while enjoying good food and drink with one’s relatives and friends we should be always aware that many lack the bare essentials of life. I should feel a constant urge to share my good fortune with those less fortunate. Hoarding my possessions is one of the main causes of world poverty today.
Arriving into the next life with a coffin stuffed full of high denomination bank notes will be very embarrassing in the presence of young children who have died of hunger.