2nd Sunday of Advent (C) 2018

Following on the homily of two weeks ago regarding my attitude or relationship with my God; whether it be ‘Old Testament’ or ‘New Testament,’ I would like to discuss the matter further today.
How I understand God to be, is of paramount importance not only to me but also to God.
To me because it will mean that my spiritual life will be hidebound, fearful, subservient and mercenary or light, free and delightful. To God, because his beloved child will treat Him/Her merely as a source of endless handouts which have to be earned in some way and accounted for or as a beloved parent whose arms are ever open to hug and console no matter what.
One might say. If God is so good, so generous, so forgiving, so compassionate no matter what, why not just sit back and enjoy the ride? Why bother myself with things like gratitude, respect, and God forbid, love.
I might as well say, I know my parents love me and will leave their house and money to me so why bother visiting them, saying thank or, worse again, listening to their oft repeated stories?
It is really all about me and the sort of person I am or want to be – the one I want to live with for the rest of my life.
I must stop thinking of God as ‘other.’ As someone who dwells up there on high. As someone who must be called on.
I must stop thinking that I must ‘say’ my prayers. Must go to Mass etc.etc.
Think of God as you think of your marriage partner, children and grandchildren. They are constantly flitting into your thoughts and consciousness no matter where you are or what you are doing. They are, in some way, present to you always and everywhere.
All God wants is to be part of my family. To have the same standing in my life and in my thoughts as my family. To be treated with the same loyalty and love as I treat my family.
God is Immanuel. God is with me. God is part of me. If God asks me to do something why bridle at it. Do I not wait patiently in the supermarket car park for my marriage partner or worse again push the trolly around? Do I not stand around endlessly grinning as my children and grandchildren do silly things to amuse me?
So if my God asks, do something in ‘memory of me’, why put on a sour face?
So it is all about attitude. With the right attitude it is never a case of why or how much or how often or for how long. These questions should not even arise. It involves freedom, willingness, a looking for opportunities to please.
“In a little while the world will no longer see me, but you will see me, because I live and you will live. On that day you will realise that I am in my Father and you are in me and I in you.”
So is today not ‘that day.’