2nd Sunday of Easter (C) 2019

The Apostle Thomas reminds me of our attitude to global warming, or climate change, or destruction of habitat, or over utilisation of the earth’s resources, or rampant consumerism, or overpopulation, or destruction of our environment.
We have been told about it, see its effects already, know its on the way and will effect our children and grandchildren severely but as yet have done very little or nothing in our lives to prevent it.
We see and laud people who have dedicated themselves to preventing it from happening. Who have given their lives and energy to making us aware of the dangers facing us.
Yet we procrastinate. Fail to act decisively in our lives. Don’t want to abandon our comfort zones. Are nervous of taking on what real acceptance will entail.
Is not my approach to God somewhat similar. I fear what total commitment will require. I want to be close friends with my God but not cohabit with God.
Thomas, probably more clearly than the others, realised what the Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth from death would entail. What demands it would make of him. The total commitment it would require. So he hesitated.
I too see what total commitment to Christianity has entailed for those brave enough to make it. So I hesitate. I inhabit the outer fringes. I commit but not totally.
I massage my conscience with the thought that ‘I have done my bit over the years.’ I avoid the thought that it is what I am now, at this moment in time, that matters.
I need to pray to Thomas for the courage to jump out of the boat and walk on the water.
I need to believe that God’s only motivation is Love.