Bishop Declan’s Vision, 2017-2020

Reflecting on the question “Imagine what our Diocese will be like in five to ten years’ time”, Bishop Declan offers his own vision to guide us in the coming years:

The Church of Clifton is called to be a people who believe in Christ, who celebrate Christ, and who live the way of Christ.

The Church is created by God to live, not for itself, but for others;  to be a people who share in the mission of Christ,  to proclaim the Kingdom and to make disciples so that the world will be transformed according to God’s plan.

Our Parishes and Communities should be places where Chrst is celebrated, shared, proclaimed and lived, where everyone is welcomed and valued, and all have a snese of responsibility for the life of the community and the world.

We are called to be disciples who not only know about Jesus but also come to know Him in prayer. Our Liturgies should be celebrated in such a way that Christ’s word is heard, His presence known, and which are so connected to our lives that we joyfully take up the command “Go in peace glorifying the Lord by your life”


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