Easter Vigil 2019

The Incarnation, God becoming a human being, is not just something
that happened two thousand years ago. God becomes incarnate in each
one of us if we allow it.
Easter is not just something that happened two thousand years ago.
Easter is happening all the time in me if I allow it.
Easter is about dying and rising to new life.
Easter is about dying to selfishness and self-interest and rising to a new
life of generosity and service to others.
I will explain what I mean, by telling you a little story.
There was this ordinary family: Father, mother and two teenage
children, one boy and one girl.
The Father and Mother had, over the years, slipped into the habit of low
level nastiness towards each other. The children were routinely snarling
at one another and at their parents. Sometimes they joined in the mean-
spirited exchanges between the parents. Nobody ever mentioned
divorce or leaving the family but there were lots of thoughts about it.
One day the teenage girl was involved in a car accident. The car was
totalled and two people died on the spot.
Her family rushed to the hospital and found her in bed covered with
plaster and bandages but amazingly able to smile weakly.
`I had one of those near death experiences,’ she informed them (what
self-respecting serious accident survivor does not have them) `and God
told me that we are a bunch of geeks and should stop fighting with each
other.’ So they all hugged one another and cried and promised they’d
start all over again.
That family had a little Easter.
Must I wait for something similar, or worse, to happen, before I have a
little Easter.