Retrouvaille Programme

June 7, 2019 – June 9, 2019 all-day
Welwyn Garden City
07887 296983 or 0797 3380443

Retrouvaille is a French word meaning to find each other again, to find oneself again, to find one’s way again. The primary goal is to help couples who live in the disappointment and pain of marriage problems. This programme has helped 6,000 couples who were experiencing difficulties in their marriage in the past year. There is no group therapy or group work.

This residential weekend will be followed by 4 non-residential meetings on 15 June, 29 June, 13 July and 27 July.

Retrouvaille England and Wales is a ‘not for profit charity’, the presenters are trained volunteers who give their time as a gift. The Retrouvaille vision is to make the programme available to all couples who want to work at their marriage, regardless of their financial circumstances.

A registration donation (suggested £150 per couple) will secure a place on the programme. On the weekend each couple will receive a blank envelope and will be invited to make their donation to Retrouvaille, according to their means. (For information — a donation of £500 per couple would cover the residential weekend, including accommodations, meals, and all materials needed for the weekend; and the Venue and materials for the 4 follow-on days called Post Days.)

For further information and to book online or by post see here.