Second Collection

March 10, 2018 @ 5:30 pm

At both Masses this weekend for Survive MIVA (Missionary Vehicle Association)

SURVIVE-MIVA ( ) is a Catholic lay Association, which exists to provide one vital element for the success of the Church’s health and pastoral work in areas of great need – a means of transport.

During the calendar year 2017, SURVIVE-MIVA funded the purchase of 268 modes of transportation for nine countries. Information about these projects and their distribution is summarised here. Our ‘Vehicle Grants 2017‘ booklet, giving more detailed information about each vehicle and the outreach work the vehicle supports, and our Trustees’ Annual Report & Accounts for 2017 will be available for download soon. In the meantime you can read about the work we carried out in 2016 in our Vehicle Grants 2016 booklet and SURVIVE-MIVA’s Trustees’ Annual Report & Accounts for 2016.