Baptism & Marriages

Births & MarriageWe welcome with great joy those who wish to get married in St. Patrick’s Church and those who want to have their children baptised (christened). The first step is to pop in and see the Priest. Within a few minutes all questions can be answered and if necessary dates and times fixed.

For many people, their knowledge of religion and their understanding of God has not advanced beyond what they had when they received their own first Holy Communion or Confirmation.

Bearing in mind their age at that time, this understanding is, of necessity, that of a child and does not abide comfortably with their ‘secular’ knowledge, which may be highly advanced.

This may lead to religious matters being regarded as little more than ‘fauy tales’.

With this in mind, the time of marriage or having a child baptised is a good time to get one’s knowledge of religious matters and one’s relationship with God ‘up to speed’ and on a par with ones understanding of other fields of knowledge.

Matters such as marriage or baptism would be touched upon but also, depending on ones sophistication or lack of same, such things as God, religion, Revelation, the Bible, Jesus Christ and the meaning of Christianity.

In St. Patrick’s Church this preparation is undertaken by the priest, only with the co-operation and agreement of the people involved.

Contact:  Father John