Preparation for confirmation is a 10 week programme run by catechists in the church. Each session lasts about an hour from 7-8pm. Confirmation is a sacrament whereby we receive the Holy Spirit. Confirmation is for all ages from about 11 upwards. The 2005 confirmation class, who were confirmed by Bishop Declan on 16 June, included 5 adults who contributed towards discussions and debates. We offer a variety of sessions which include some of the following topics:

Welcome to Confirmation – An introduction and information that will be needed like a confirmation name, a sponsor etc…

Who Am I  – a session getting to know each other and playing an AdventureGame

Community and Confirmation – involving the meaning of confirmation, Are you a Rose Bush?, Community Involvement through the ages

community and belonging

The Church and Faith

3_The Church and Faith

Signs, Symbols and Baptism – What is a sign, the importance of signs and symbols in Confirmation and quizzes with lots of pictures.

4_Signs Symbols and Baptism

Values and Making Choices  – This session includes Jesus and the Gospels (Good News) as well as deciding what Jesus might do in modern times

5_Values and Making Choices

6_Jesus_The Good News

God’s Forgiveness and the God Squad  – How people get hurt, how God can help using tipp-ex??? And preparation for confession.

Gods forgiveness

Jesus did not leave us on our own –   This session uses DVD The Miracle Maker, some references to the bible and the Holy Spirit with references to Mother Theresa, Bob Geldof, Lourdes etc…

6_Jesus_The Good News

History of Confirmation  – We look at the meaning of confirmation, role play, Gifts of the Holy Spirit

History & Meaning of Confirmation

Quiz Night  – this is an amusing session with teams and prizes galore (well some anyway).

 The final session is a rehearsal for the Sacrament of Confirmation.

I hope that this gives those who are considering the Sacrament of Confirmation a brief insight. If you would like to know more please contact Fr. John.

Contact:  Father John