Stewardship & Finance Council

Our Stewardship Giving in this Time of Crisis

We continue to thank all those who are still able to give to the parish at this time of crisis. If you would like to give, it is still possible. Standing Order forms are available (Just email the parish for one) and donations can also be made via this website through PayPal. (See Front Page). Thank you to those who are now making use of this new PayPal facility. All these continued contributions will play an important part in lessening the inevitable financial impact on the parish in the present lockdown.

The Parish is funded by the generosity of its parishioners and requires around £900 per week to cover our routine running costs and an annual £15,000 levy to the Diocese.  As with any other endeavour there is a continuing need to increase our income and ensure value for money in our expenditure in order to keep up with ever increasing costs, particularly relating to the maintenance of an historic building.

Just over half of this income comes from regular donations under the ‘planned giving’ scheme which benefits from the refund of income tax under the government’s ‘Gift Aid’ scheme.  Using ‘Gift Aid’ boosts our income by 25p in every pound at no cost to the Parish or its parishioners.   ‘Gift Aid’ can be applied to all contributions whether by bank standing order (the preferred method) or as part of a loose collection, all that is needed is a signed declaration and a record of what has been contributed.

The Parish Finance Committee therefore wishes to increase the percentage of our income that is subject to ‘Gift Aid’.  As an example, a ten percent increase in use of ‘Gift Aid’ would increase our income by £1100 per year. Further details …

Saint Patrick’s Church Use Of Gift Aid

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For more information please contact Contact: Vic Steadman


The Parish Finance Council

The primary function of the Parish Finance Council is to assist and advise the parish priest in accordance with Canon 537 of the revised Code of Canon Law. Each parish is to have a finance council which is regulated by universal law as well as by norms issued by the diocesan bishop; in this council the Christian faithful aid the parish priest in the administration of the parish goods with due regard for the prescription of Canon 532 (the parish priest represents the parish in all juridical affairs). To this end the parish priest establishes a Finance Council of four persons who enjoy a consultative voice. Membership of the finance council is at the discretion of the parish priest. Its four members, not including the parish priest, constitute the parish finance council.

The Gift Aid Secretary and the Parish Treasurer are ex-officio members of the Finance Council and they also attend the meetings.