Furniture, Please!

The following letter has been recieved from Corsham SponsorsRefugees :

Dear Volunteers and Supporters

We have just learned that the house is likely to be ready for us by mid October, although the family will not arrive until quite a number of weeks later.  We really need to get on with furnishing it, and I know that lots of you are keen to help.

We want to furnish it to as high a standard as possible, so if we get more than one offer for items we need, please don’t be offended if we don’t choose what you have offered.  We think that some items, such as household goods, China, cutlery, bedding and mattresses, towels etc, should be new, and plan a big trip to IKEA in due course.  What we need from the community is furniture! Lots of it!

Attached* is a list of the things we need. If you can help, please fill in details on the spreadsheet, including your name, contact details, the size and colour of the piece, and if possible a photograph.  Administering all of this won’t be an easy task, so if you can give any picture you send your name as its title, that will help. 

Please email your completed form and picture(s) to Amber Bewley –  If you can keep the stuff for the time being, that’s great. If you really can’t, let us know and we will endeavour to store it, but it would be really helpful if it only needs to be moved once.  If you have any questions, please ask Amber.

Many thanks for your help.

Best wishes

Chris Reid, Chair