All Saints/ All Souls

SOLEMNITY OF ALL SAINTS is the beautiful celebration of all those who have died and gone to heaven. We believe that all people in heaven are saints. This includes all saints, not just those who are known to us (those canonized by the Church). A saint may be a mother, father aunt, uncle or friend. We, the faithful on earth, celebrate their triumph and seek to learn from their example in what it means to live holy lives. We also ask them to pray for us as we journey through the Christian life. The word, “Halloween” comes from the vigil of All Hallows Day, now known as All Saints Day. On Tuesday, All Souls Day, we remember and pray for those who have died who are in purgatory. Souls in purgatory are being purified in order to enter heaven. On both days we pray for ourselves, that the Lord may help us to become pure of heart now, purified by the trials we endure for Christ now, holy now and saints in the life to come.