Celebrating Holy Week in the Home

Suggestions for celebrating Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday at home

This year our celebration of Holy Week will be quite different for all of us. What is the high point of our Christian celebrations will be celebrated in the home. Perhaps now is the time to ask ourselves how we will mark the passion, death and resurrection of the Lord. The main liturgies, albeit modified, will be celebrated by Fr Michael privately in Church. Do follow the great liturgy of the Triduum in you missals at home as they are celebrated for you and join in the great prayers of the Church. You may wish to follow the Triduum with Pope Francis from the Vatican on TV or the Web.

Also, get creative! Whether you are alone or with family consider how you will  celebrate the wonderful mysteries of our faith at home. The following are  suggestions which are offered as a starting point for us to think about how we might celebrate at home, according to our own circumstances. It is also an encouragement to be imaginative and meaningful for the circumstances in which we find ourselves. If you are alone, and many will be, know that you are united with others doing the same. We are united in the love God has for us all as we find a new way of being Church at this time.

Holy Thursday 9 April 2020

At sunset or early evening have a simple meal together, including bread and wine, if possible. Beforehand, maybe earlier in the day, read 1Corinthians 11:23-26 and John 13:1-15. During the course of the meal talk about what Jesus was doing when he was celebrating the Passover. Talk together  or meditate on what the washing of the feet in John’s gospel means for us today, in how we show love for one another. It might be possible to choose a specific act you could engage in over the Easter period, eg contribute to a food bank or charity, write or phone someone, make it a unique gesture that suits your family, or your circumstances. Finish with a prayer thanking God for all we have been given.

Good Friday 10 April 2020

At 3pm, if possible, gather together  with a cross in the middle of the gathering or on a table if alone.  Read, John 18:1-19:42. (If children are present tell the story in an age appropriate way rather than reading the text.) Spend some time quietly and pray for the pain and suffering of our world. Depending on how many are there, it might be good to encourage everyone to share and pray for where they see suffering at present. Finish with an Our Father.

Easter Sunday 12 April 2020

As early in the morning as is possible for you make and have a very special breakfast. Decorate the table, including in the decorations a symbol of new life, possibly a plant, and home baked bread. Read, Matthew 28:1-10 either before breakfast or during it. Finish with a prayer asking God to enable us to live “Do not be afraid…”

There are other ideas you may like to consider at the following site:


Do also follow the three parts of the Triduum in you Missals at home or follow them on TV or the Web.