Christmas Masses update

CHRISTMAS MASSES On 11th October, we created two Masses on Eventbrite; one at 6pm on Christmas Eve and one at 10.30am on Christmas Day. Over the past 7 weeks, these have gradually been filling up and are now both full, with our maximum capacity under COVID19 regulations of 50 seats at each Mass. Before we consider the possibility of an additional 9pm Mass on Christmas Eve, we need to gauge how many other Parishioners would like to attend Mass. Any additional Mass would need to have a minimum capacity of 20 attendees to warrant the need for extra volunteer stewards plus more importantly, the compulsory deep cleaning required after each Mass and associated PPE costs. Such a Mass would be by ‘request-only’ so as not to disrupt the existing Mass bookings and cause additional administration. Please therefore contact Fr Michael, Frank Harvey or Lorraine Miller, if you wish to be added to the reserve list for a possible additional 9pm Mass on Christmas Eve. All existing bookings for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will remain and we ask you not to make to make changes to those bookings. If you have already booked for either of these Masses and can no longer attend, please either cancel your booking via Eventbrite or let Lorraine know. Thank you.