Contactless Giving

CONTACTLESS GIVING IN CHURCH In the last 10 years the use of cash has slowly diminished and now twice the value and volume of payments are made by card and contactless methods compared to cash, with this disparity growing more every year. With this in mind, our PPC has considered how this impacts how people donate to our Parish, and we want to ensure that there is the option for people to give contactlessly.  Already our on-line Pay-pal giving method has been a great success. A contactless giving device is now situated in the baptistry to the left of the entrance. This will enable you to give by tapping the contactless payment device with a debit or credit card to your chosen amount. It is so easy. Contactless giving enables more people to give and allows givers to give in a way that feels comfortable, using their card to make a transaction in the same way they would in everyday life. It is also ideal for casual visitors who do not have regular giving set up but would like to give. It is also possible to Gift-aid your donation at the touch of a button. In our Covid world this is a safer way to give as it removes the need for handling cash. Do give it a try!