Day for Life 2021

DAY FOR LIFE Today, Day for Life 2021, provides us with an opportunity to pray for the gift of life from conception to natural death, to raise awareness of the precious gift of life, and to support the work of protecting life in its most vulnerable stages. Bishop John Sherrington, Bishop for Life Issues, said in his message for this day: The fragility of life and the reality of death has been brought into sharp focus during the Covid-19 pandemic. In the UK alone, more than 126,000 people have died from Covid-19. Yet in the face of such suffering and death, we have also witnessed the extraordinary dedication of healthcare professionals and their loving care for the sick and dying. We too have each made sacrifices for the greater good during this pandemic. These acts of heroic love are a powerful testimony to the fundamental dignity of the human person and to the respect owed to each life, particularly through proper care and love in the last moments of life, through the annual collection. Visit to read more. Next weekend there will be a second collection for ‘Day for Life’ charities.