Easter is our joy and hope in time of pandemic

EASTER IS OUR HOPE AND OUR JOY Over the past year, the world has become a lonelier and more insecure place. The freedom and joy of gathering with our loved ones has been curtailed. Our screens are filled with disturbing news of so many throughout the world who have succumbed to the coronavirus. We have feared for the wellbeing the elderly. Parents are anxious for their children and children worry for the health of ageing parents. There is also the pain of those who have lost their jobs. Yet, at this time of isolation and fear, we must cling to the Easter message of hope. On the Easter Sunday morning, as the Gospel of John relates, the world seemed a dark place for Mary Magdalene, Simon Peter and the beloved disciple, but they gradually woke up to a new vision of life. They saw the tomb, empty. They observed the cloths that had wrapped the body of Jesus, and then they encountered the Risen Lord. From the darkness of unknowing and confusion, God brought light. Into the emptiness, God gave life. Instead of sorrow, God made their joy overflow. It was through the ordinariness of their own life experience, the Risen One was present to them. As Jesus is present in the Easter Sacraments, our hearts and in our lives, he is also present in our homes. In that place of refuge and security, where we live and rest, whether we are alone or with our families and friends, Christ is there. With trust in the Risen Jesus, we ask God to bless our homes:

Lord, we rejoice in the victory of your Son over death: by rising from the tomb to new life he gives us hope and the promise of everlasting life. Bless all the members of this household and surround them with your protection, that they may find comfort and peace in Jesus Christ, the Paschal Lamb, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.