STEP 4 GUIDANCE FOR COMMUNAL WORSHIP DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC The Government rules are changing on the 19th July and our Bishops have issued guidelines for Mass. In view of the rising numbers of Covid cases and the number of clinically extremely vulnerable people at Mass in a relatively small space, we will continue to proceed with care. Our Bishops still recommend that face coverings be worn at Mass, that we also adhere to safe social distance regulations and that Communion is still given in one kind only. Sanitising of hands is to continue (available at the entrance of the church) It is also recommended that singing should be phased in gently as part of worship over the summer period and that face coverings should be worn by members of the congregation whilst singing together, until infection levels reduce. We will continue to use recorded music and gradually reintroduce the most important parts of the sung liturgy, the Gloria, Gospel Acclamation, Holy, holy, Lamb of God and the Great Amen. Hymns will be introduced later on when the risk from aerosol or droplet spread is lessened in a small space. Stewarding will be a little less rigorous as we move forward but will continue at Sunday masses. We thank all our stewards, cleaners, servers, sacristans and music organisers who have kept us safe over the past eighteen months…may the good work continue. Full details of the Bishops Conference Guidelines are available at