Parish Register – Marriage



24/09/2005 Michael Thomas Ronan and Bracken Dawn Travers
22/10/2005 Richard Martyn Fudge and Anne-Marie Grogan
12/11/2005 Tomaz Krypczk and Marzena Mol (in Poland*)
03/12/2005 Andrew Palmer and Madeleine Duddy
29/07/2006 Kevin Howes and Claudia Ann Lawrence
12/08/2006 Robert Contardi and Sarah Jane McComb
05/05/2007 Stephen George Sims and Anne Barbara Cyron
02/06/2007 Mathew Ross Wyatt and Philipa-Jane Smith
16/06/2007 Craig David Dunn and Rebecca Amy Mills
30/06/2007 Martin Weeks and Sarah Hassan
28/07/2007 Robin Blackmore and Andrea Earl
01/09/2007 Michael Brian Smith & Jenny Madeleine Treen
15/12/2007 Mark James Normile & Georgina Wright
19/04/2008 Sam Butler and Jane Catherine Hibbott
05/07/2008 Brian Fielding and Susan Sprigge
16/08/2008 Graham Ford and Shauna Cheah Su Lin
26/09/2008 Martin Peter Horton and Brigid Gabriel Vickers
04/04/2009 Andrew Dowie and Sarah Parish
06/06/2009 Daniel Greenaway and Hayley Dee
11/07/2009 Benedict Chidley and Amy Barton
15/08/2009 Dean Rendell and Marlena Terka
23/12/2009 Robert Emmerson Anderson and Hazel Isabel Marion Thorburn
05/06/2009 Daniel Hoyle and Catherine Seldon
14/08/2009 Thomas A Mavir and Joanne Clarke
28/08/2009 Paul Colegate and Lucy Anne Francis
30/08/2009 David Haddon Woodward and Ewa Joanna Pujdak
18/06/2011 Robert Edward Gay and Lucy Clare Begg
07/07/2011 Patrick Goonan and Rioghnan Marie Ridge
24/08/2011 Luke Joseph Meehan and Emily Charlotte Radcliffe
08/10/2011 Paul Gilbert Daft and Elizabeth Clare Jose
31/03/2012 Richard Peter Boore and Emma Rose Campbell
30/06/2012 Nathan Cole and Rhianna Townsend
06/10/2012 Christopher Adam Parr and Lucy Margaret Paynter
06/04/2013 Andrew Genever and Hazel Paynter
27/07/2013 James William Arlett and Katherine Marilyn Nott
03/08/2013 Miles Robinson and Rebecca Geddes
28/08/2013 Roger Gray and Melissa Doole
26/10/2013 Charles Simpkins and Francesca Whittingham
26/04/2014 Richard Elms & Dongxue Fan
03/05/2014 Sean Henry Carrivick and Rebekah Sulamith Scott
22/08/2014 John Derbes and Charlotte Ward
30/08/2014 Charles Greville and Camilla Lawlor
26/09/2014 Kevin John Stoker and Amber Louise Hawkins
29/11/2014 Paul Crossey and Jennifer Beaver
08/08/2015 Cyrille Serve and Alexandra Konoplyanik
22/08/2015 James Kristian Pearson and Joanna Mather
19/09/2015 Thomas Bryn Smith and Victoria Louise Worsnop
09/04/2016 Ben Davies and Tamara Northcott
27/05/2016 Stuart Michael Archer and Katarzyna Teresa Stanclik
09/07/2016 Jordan Randall and Claire Louise Tarling
12/08/2016 David Paul Keen and Maeve Sarsfield
20/08/2016 Philipp Oetinger and Carina Annika Eismann
02/08/2017 Jonathan Dale and Abigail Flather
16/09/2017 Luke Dawson and Gemma Billett
14/10/2017 Robert Drew and Victoria Houghton
04/11/2017 George Bowes and Emma Chappell