Parish Projects

Parish Projects  2018-2019

2 charities have been chosen as recipients for this year’s fundraising: Mary’s Meals and the Bristol Prison Ministry, Sixty One. 

Events are planned throughout the year, including a Parish BBQ, 2 Pre-loved Clothes Sales. Please watch the Bulletin for upcoming events, as well as supporting our on-going fundraising (sale of produce, refreshments after Mass, etc).

Update September, 2018: We have donated £300 each to our 2 charities, of which £150 was gift aided.

Parish Projects 2016-2108

2 charities have been chosen as the focus for this year’s fundraising: Medecins sans Frontieres, and the Bristol Asylum Refuge, Borderlands

Parish Project 2014-2015

Medicins sans Frontieres has been chosen as our Parish Project for 2014-2015. Fundraising events will be planned during the year, and your prayers are asked for their valuable work which brings medical aid where it is needed most, taking no account of political or physical barriers .

Further details of their work can be found at:

Please watch the Bulletin for upcoming events, as well as supporting our on-going fundraising (sale of produce, refreshments after Mass, etc).


Parish Project 2009-2010

This year we have identified two schemes in Africa for our support.

  1. A Rainwater Harnessing Project in Pemba, Zambia is being organized by a colleague of Sister Stella.
  2. The Primary School in Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement Camp in Uganda was set up by a colleague of Fr John.

“O God, to those who are hungry give bread, And to us who have bread, give hunger for justice”.

Education for children in Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement Camp, Uganda.

This project will help pay towards the monthly salaries of teachers and cooks at a school for approximately 340 nursery and primary children.

The settlement camp was set up by the UNHCR in 1991 with each family being given a small plot of land to grow their own food. Refugees have come mainly from Sudan and more recently Kenya. Whilst the majority of refugees returned home last year a good number, particularly single mothers and orphans, remain due to the insecurity in the region. In 1997 an Education Fund project was organised by Fr John Garry, a colleague of Fr John. Students from this project are now teaching the younger children in the primary school.

Money we raise will be sent monthly to the school via Fr John’s order The Kiltegan Fathers.

Harnessing Rainwater Project in Pemba, Zambia

Sr Inez Fernandez is a Presentation Sister working in Pemba, Zambia. She is a colleague of Sister Concepta and Sister Stella.

Sr Inez, who has worked on similar projects for some years, is supporting a village co-operative to build a water harnessing scheme. The scheme is following a tried and tested design used by the UN development programme. The harnessing of the intermittent rains will allow the water to be held and directed making the irrigation of crops more reliable for a longer period in the year. Sister Inez started the project in August 2008 using local labour and materials and the village community. As expected the digging has got to a rock layer and the co-operative are now using machinery and hope to complete the work by the next rainy season.

Money we raise will be sent directly to Sr Inez via the Presentation Sisters.

As usual there will be a great range of fund raising activities over the year to meet our planned giving to these schemes.

Because we have agreed to pay the monthly salaries of staff at the Primary School in the Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement Camp it would be very helpful if you could possibly commit to a regular donation. If you would like to do so, please print off the form below, and hand it to Father John.