Seniors’ Mass, May 2019

Very often the present prayers of the Mass can be convoluted and arcane.
Todays opening prayer is ok.
It goes as following; read: ‘Fill our emptiness with the blessing of this eucharist, the foretaste of eternal joy.’
The Sacraments: as well as symbolising a now happening event also symbolise and acknowledge an already and prior existing situation.
For example Baptism makes one a child of God, but that is not all. It is also an acknowledgement and an official expression of thanksgiving for an already received gift ; Every human being is born a child of God.
The same holds for the Eucharist:
Firstly; Receiving the Eucharist (receiving Holy Communion) symbolically and actually unites me, body and soul, with Jesus of Nazareth.
Secondly; At the same time it is an acknowledgement of and an expression of profound gratitude for, an already existing union, body and soul, with Jesus of Nazareth.
Thirdly; The Eucharist is the symbol of, the actual realisation of, the definitive guarantee of, my actual presence in heaven here and now.
So it is incorrect to speak of going into heaven after death.
With God there is no past, present or future. All three elide into the one eternal now.
So the Eucharist is not just there for prolonged, silent adoration before the tabernacle (pleasant and comforting as this may be).
The Eucharist is the guarantee of the always presence of Jesus of Nazareth in me and I in him.    (‘Behold I am with you always even to the end of time’ )
The Eucharist is equally the actual union body and soul, here and now, of I and Jesus of Nazareth.
The Eucharist is also, equally, my actual presence in heaven (eternal life) and my total absorption into the Eternal Life of my God, here and now.
The whole point is a constant reminder of my actual, and total union with my God so that, with a heart overflowing with joy and gratitude for this great gift, I might sally forth into the world speaking and acting and living as Jesus of Nazareth did – as one who is already in Eternal Life with my God.
So let us rejoice and be glad. Alleluia.
A nice little touch might be ( after Communion) to greet (in your mind) your relatives and friends who have gone before you as well as deceased parishioners, deceased victims of human trafficking and the many migrants who have drowned alone at sea.